February 10, 2021

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Cole Carter (Zac Efron) is a retired 23-year-old songwriter and DJ struggling with the dream of becoming a major record producer in the electronic dance music (EDM) field. He is constantly reminded of his plan to get three things: a small computer, some talent, and a song. Cole lives with boyfriend Mason (Jonny Weston) and usually hangs out with friends Ollie (Shiloh Fernandez) and the Squirrel (Alex Shaffer) near their San Fernando Valley. With the help of Mason and his friends, who are doing a lot of advertising in college, Cole eventually writes a DJ concert at a local nightclub where he meets the director, instant DJ James Reed (Wes Bentley). After the shows, Cole eventually meets James face to face and shares a cigarette with him. James invites Cole to speak at a party that Cole begins to see because the cigarette they shared was phencyclidine (PCP). The next morning, Cole wakes up at James ‘house, where he is introduced to Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski), James’ friend and personal assistant who willingly evicts him.

If the proceeds of the event are unsatisfactory, they reach out to their friend Paige (Jon Bernthal) who runs a real estate solutions firm, four of whom are employed. James later invites Cole to DJ on his house party, a paid show. After introducing Sophie’s key DJ mechanic, James sees potential in Cole, interrupted by three of his friends arriving at the party. After an argument between Mason and one of James’ guests, James Cole forgives his friend’s actions. From there, James takes Cole as his apprentice. After hearing Cole’s original, James criticizes Cole for imitating other famous producers like Skrillex and openly recommends using natural sounds for natural sounds. Then together they create a song using the same technique as Sophie’s sound, which was successful in a local nightclub. One night, James suggests that Cole accompany Sophie to an evening set up by her colleagues at the university where he learns more about a past that leads to war. Sophie later thanks him for his intercession for her. Cole and friends go to a music festival in Las Vegas, where he leaves the band to meet Sophie, who James released. Sophie then gives Cole MDMA, and they quickly fall down and run to the Las Vegas Belt together, climb the roller top, and visit Paris Las Vegas, where they play and eventually have sex.

Back in San Fernando, James invites Cole to watch an MMA fight with him and Sophie. The bad moment ends with Sophie telling Cole to accept what happened and get rid of it, and James gives her a new Cole MacBook Pro with the option to unlock it at Summer Fest, a festival of popular music. One day, Cole and Paige meet Tanya Romero (Alicia Coppola), whose house has been uncovered. During the conversation, Paige buys her house and rents it to sell immediately for a higher price, much to Cole’s deep disappointment. When James’ alcoholism starts dating Sophie, he and Cole go to a fishing club for her birthday. Cole is sick and James knows about Cole’s relationshipto Sophie. break him off with her. Upon the return of his three friends, it was found that the squirrel was looking for a better job because of his intelligence, and Mason rented a house for both of them. After a tough party of drugs and alcohol, the squirrel is found unconscious that morning and later dies of an overdose. After the funeral, the other friends begin to question their future, leading to the split, while Mason blames Ollie for drugs the squirrel overdosed. Cole visits James, whose alcoholism completely consumed him, and informs him of the squirrel’s death and possibly his guilt, which comforts James and also tells him that Sophie moved to the San Fernando Valley and works at a local coffee shop. the shop where he later visits her.

As he runs, Cole’s phone battery drains and his music stops playing. After careful examination, he listens to his surroundings, which leads him to record a sample and combine it with the long-awaited song. Cole then calls James that he has something lukewarm that will give him another chance. The festival takes place in front of the American Clothing Building in Los Angeles. Cole publishes his song, which contains excerpts from his conversation with Sophie and the squirrel, and later quotes a quote from the squirrel: “Will we ever be better than this?” and use it as a hook before the blow hits. When the song ends, Cole is enthusiastically received by James’ audience. The movie ends with Sophie returning to college, Ollie studying before audition, Mason running a nightclub, and Cole positively assessing her future and developing a good relationship with Sophie.

In the mid-credits area, Tanya opens the door to the Adidas box, in which Cole puts all his earnings aside on film

We Are Your Friends 2015

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