November 20, 2020

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Defeat your enemies in this MOB game Brawl Stars is a free 3 vs 3 strategy game with Supercell, which connects opponents online by bombarding them and turning them into a mess of many fun players. hitting. Like the art style and other Supercells games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Brawl Stars is a MOBA (multiplayer battleground) game and has various game modes to cover the lack of a single main story. Despite being made with a smartphone, you can still play this name on your computer with the Android Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator.

The BrawlerBrawl Stars method has a variety of characters to play with, as well as other MOBA games. Here you play with the best Brawlers, each with unique personalities and abilities that you can use to your advantage. However, not everyone is free, you have to work hard to unlock most of them or spend money to choose a shortcut. With Brawl Stars you can also use attractive skins that you can also get or buy, and they have great potential that can be used for a long time fighting the passing ability that you can unlock along the way. In addition to the different game modes, Brawl Stars always looks fresh with the ones you can have on your team. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The third time you are as charming as your other MOBA, you will invest a lot in creating a team with guests or your own friends. In Brawl Stars, however, the membership limit is only three, so you must choose your Brawlers carefully. You can also handle games alone or with a loyal partner in different challenges, as there are other game modes that allow you to play alone and in a duo. The small number of players on the field compared to other MOBAs is one of the attractions of Brawl Stars. Your battlefield is smaller than most, but it is still very complex and you must use it wisely to use less space against your opponents. Never get tired There are more than five multiplayer game modes in Brawl Stars and each one offers a fun time for you and your friends. With Grab the Famous Gem you can compete with a rival team of three players to collect 10 gems on the map and keep them as long as possible. The show is one and two player battle royale on the map, with power-ups to upgrade your fighter Bounty is the same as grabbing a gem, but instead of gems you collect stars and you can only get them by taking your opponents. Heist, on the other hand, is the kind of defense you have to unlock your security while protecting the security of your teams. You can even play football or soccer on the card with Brawl Ball. Brawl Stars offers many special opportunities and few, as during Clobberin’s Supercell game, Brawl Stars is generally well done and very relaxed in his spare time. It faces the same old challenges and games in real time, and it is not a problem compared to the performance of Brawl Stars for many of its players. Playing Tencent Gaming Buddy on your PC can fix connectivity issues, making it a recommended game to try in the Supercells column.

Brawl Stars

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